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Medical Services

Interventional psychiatry, including psychedelics and neurostimulation, are innovative and specialized treatments for mood and anxiety disorders which are showing great promise in tackling Canada’s leading cause of disability. Clinical evidence has established them as important tools in addressing mental health. The strength of evidence has led to certain treatments being included into Canadian medical guidelines while others have received Health Canada approval.

These treatments include psychopharmacological treatments such as ketamine/esketamine as well as neurostimulation treatments such as transcranial magnetic stimulation. Excitingly, important research is being carried out in additional indications and with novel treatments such as MDMA, psilocybin, and LSD that may further expand interventional psychiatry and transform how mental health is treated. This research includes NeonMind’s own novel drug development program for obesity and weight management.

Importantly, because of the specialized nature of these treatments, they need to be provided in a specialized clinic with purposely trained healthcare professionals. Despite the promise of interventional psychiatry, current treatment services are few and fragmented – Canada still lacks a robust clinic infrastructure to support the demand for treatment. Patients in need are having to wait months for treatment and often have to travel out of province to receive treatment.

Our medical services division is preparing to launch NeonMind-branded specialty mental health clinics across Canada, offering evidence-backed validated interventional psychiatry treatments tailored to local market needs. The Company has built a leading scientific advisory board, globally renowned for their expertise in practicing interventional psychiatry to treat mood and anxiety disorders. Our clinics are focusing on offering:

  • Ketamine Treatments
  • Esketamine (SpravatoTM) Treatments
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Psychedelic Treatments (when approved) including:
    • MDMA for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Psilocybin for Treatment Resistant Depression
    • Psilocybin for Major Depressive Disorder
    • Psilocybin for Obesity and Weight Management
    • Others

NeonMind plans to partner with existing health clinics to launch a nationwide network of NeonMind-branded specialty mental health services, allowing us to right-size for the local community’s needs as we build out our network of standalone clinics.